Igloo Ice Blast – April 2021

April 12th: a date that will be remembered by many. With the reopening of non-essential retail, pubs, and hairdressers amongst others, weeks and months of excitement can finally be expelled via a shopping binge, fresh trim, or beer garden trip. We at Igloo thought we’d help you out with the latter, revisiting and revising our July 2020 edition to bring you an updated April 2021 list of Sheffield beer gardens for students!

1. The Norfolk Arms, Ringinglow Road

If you’re trying to avoid the city centre crowds then the Norfolk Arms at Ringinglow could be a great option. With its wonderful views The Norfolk Arms is situated just around the corner from an alpaca farm, and is in a great spot to soak in the surroundings. This hotspot has a great beer garden, serving both at the front and side of the pub, so it is certainly a good place to drop by if you’re in the area, or fancy a walk.

2. The Riverside, Kelham Island

Situated at the Kelham Island roundabout on the lower side of Sheffield, The Riverside can be recognised due to its normally-packed beer garden and outdoor neon sign. Alike last summer The Riverside will not be taking bookings; be warned, their outdoor space is limited, but is in a great spot with a fine selection of beverages on offer too. It may be a punt going down as it could be full, but would certainly be a worthy journey if you can get in.

3. The Nursery Tavern, Ecclesall Road

The one and only Tav on Eccy Road renovated their pub before the pandemic, both inside and out, with a huge beer garden boasting plenty of space. A reasonably priced drinks menu accompanies a beer garden flooded with TV screens to watch live sports, and the capacity for you and your mates. The Nursery Tavern has become a student safe haven where beer gardens are concerned, and is guaranteed to be packed so make sure to book.

4. The Sheaf Island Wetherspoons, Ecclesall Road

A firm favourite, The Sheaf Island is both accommodating and cost effective. Plenty of seating outside, inclusive of large parasols, and table service available on their app make this beer garden a well worthwhile visit. Though the traffic noise of the adjacent Eccy Road can be loud, the Wetherspoons atmosphere will be sure to drown it out, as will the high consumption of alcohol that is sure to occur.

5. The Francis Newton Wetherspoons, Clarkehouse Road

Sitting just a few streets above The Sheaf Island, closer to the University of Sheffield, The Francis Newton boasts an impeccable beer garden. With prices similar to that of the other Wetherspoons in the city, you might wonder why this Spoons is better than any other. However, ample outdoor space that is exposed to sun throughout the day puts this particular beer house right up there.

6. Champs Sports Bar, Ecclesall Road

Just a short walk from the Igloo office, Champs competes with The Tav for Eccy Road’s prime student hotspot. A stacked food and drink menu accompanies a great beer garden, and will no doubt be packed during the summer. Champs often take bookings and their outdoor space is limited, so it could be worth giving them a call ahead of journeying down.

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