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Igloo Ice Blast – June 2021

After a long stretch of rain, the sun has finally arrived! The UK’s hottest day of the year was earlier this week and that summer feeling is already sweeping the nation. Whilst sitting in Endcliffe Park drinking with your mates is great fun, there is so much more of the Sheffield area to enjoy on […]

Igloo Ice Blast – May 2021

With almost a month of beer gardens under the belt, the roadmap to normality continues to lift spirits and raise hopes for an incredible summer ahead. Despite a few questionable spots of weather in recent days, that student desire to get out and socialise has never been stronger, and that need grows more with the […]

Igloo Ice Blast – April 2021

April 12th: a date that will be remembered by many. With the reopening of non-essential retail, pubs, and hairdressers amongst others, weeks and months of excitement can finally be expelled via a shopping binge, fresh trim, or beer garden trip. We at Igloo thought we’d help you out with the latter, revisiting and revising our […]

Igloo Ice Blast – Spring 2021

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting better, and there is finally a roadmap out of the endless lockdown cycle. Spring has started off in great form, but with the lockdown continuing and restrictions still in place the limit on what we can do goes on. However, that doesn’t mean that the best […]

Igloo Ice Blast – December [2020 Year Review]

It’s been some year, hasn’t it? With so many challenges faced and many more yet to come, 2020 has proven to be a unique 12 months. It certainly has been different for university students, but your resolute and laboured approach to whatever has cropped up is commendable. Despite the difficulties that had to be overcome, […]

Igloo Ice Blast – November 2020

With the clocks changing, and the darker, colder times coming in quick, things might seem a little glum at the moment. Couple that with the latest lockdown measures and you would be forgiven for feeling a little de-motivated. However, one fast-approaching holiday can certainly raise those spirits: Christmas. As gift buying season nears close, here […]

Igloo Ice Blast – October 2020

The academic year rolls into motion as we enter October. The nights are getting darker, the days are getting shorter, and the temperature is certainly dropping. Now is the time for all things indoors, and here at Igloo we know a few things about making indoors great. Each month we bring a new ‘Igloo suggests’ […]

Igloo Ice Blast – September 2020 Edition

The return to university life approaches fast, as September swiftly kicks into motion, so it’s about now that you’ll be stocking up on the essentials that will get you through the year. From stationary to crockery, bedding to toiletries, shops are filled up with student necessities and it’s purchasing time. This month, Igloo suggests some […]

Igloo Ice Blast – August 2020 Edition

As the new tenancy year begins, and the lockdown measures continue to change, slowly we are seeing the reopening of Sheffield pubs, restaurants, and more. However, a lot of people have developed their cooking skills in the months of lockdown, with a flurry of cakes and bakes created in the months gone by. Despite this, […]