Igloo Ice Blast – June 2020


Though lockdown restrictions are still very much in place, now is a great time to hit the outdoors and get active. Sheffield is surrounded by glorious walking areas, accessible by car and foot. The two metre rules still apply, but you can get out with up to 5 friends, yet you might not know where to go. Here is the latest from the ‘Igloo suggests…’ series.

Igloo suggests: 5 places to walk around Sheffield

  1. Endcliffe Park to Forge Dam – A moderate walk that remains largely flat throughout, this route journeys from the top of the main student strip on Ecclesall Road, where Endcliffe Park begins. Beyond there, you walk through Endcliffe and towards the Whiteley Woods area. Equipped with a cycle lane for those wishing to make the journey on two wheels, you travel onwards down the Whiteley Woods trail. There are numerous footpaths to vary your walk on different occasions, however. The wonderful Forge Dam is a great spot to walk to, with numerous benches to rest your legs on. You can travel on further, but for a nice, reasonable walk that isn’t too challenging, this one is perfect.
  2. Weston Park, Crookes Valley Park, and The Ponderosa – A more social walk rather than one for distance, these three recreational areas are side by side on the University of Sheffield side of the city. If you are up towards Uni of, living in the Broomhill and Crookesmoor areas, this is perfect for you. Ponds and lakes, open spaces, and plenty of benches make these areas ideal for meeting in small groups. The Ponderosa has a large flat space, great for socially distanced sports. Crookes Valley Park has a lovely lake with spaces around to sit and socialise. Weston Park, where the museum would normally host visitors, has some lovely walkways and paths to saunter around. Put the three together and you have a great area to wander around, sit and chat, or play some sports.
  3. Bolehills – A brief walk out of the city towards Crookes will land you at Bolehills. From there, you’ll have views of the north west side of Sheffield, stretching right out towards the Peak District. Bolehills is known best for its outdoor BMX track, so if you’ve got a bike this is the perfect spot! Bolehills also has a number of great walking routes, both flat and hilly, and a load of spots to sit and take in the views. There is also a football pitch and plenty of grass space to play sports. A great place for a walk, sporting afternoon, or relaxed gaze into the distance.
  4. Winnats Pass to Mam Tor – From the car park in Winnats Pass is a steep incline over the first couple of hills, but once you clear that first obstacle comes a much more rewarding climb. Dipping down in to valley will take you to the bottom of Mam Tor, a 517m climb of reasonable difficulty. A variety of routes can take you up to the summit, from which you get a great view of the surrounding valleys and peaks. Obviously, this walk will probably require a car to get there – unless you have a bike or fancy a very long walk to get there – but it is certainly worth the journey.
  5. Rivelin Reservoir – Again, you might want to drive to start this walk although it isn’t too far out of the city. However, once you arrive at Rivelin you’ll see that this is a simple, yet lovely walk. Three reservoirs lie back to back, each feeding down stream into the other, with a great walk around each of the three. Surrounding trails are also worth exploring, as the hillsides and field paths certainly merit a walk. A great view for all weather, and the last of five brilliant walks in this months Igloo suggests.

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