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Igloo Ice Blast – June 2021

After a long stretch of rain, the sun has finally arrived! The UK’s hottest day of the year was earlier this week and that summer feeling is already sweeping the nation. Whilst sitting in Endcliffe Park drinking with your mates is great fun, there is so much more of the Sheffield area to enjoy on […]

Igloo Ice Blast – September 2020 Edition

The return to university life approaches fast, as September swiftly kicks into motion, so it’s about now that you’ll be stocking up on the essentials that will get you through the year. From stationary to crockery, bedding to toiletries, shops are filled up with student necessities and it’s purchasing time. This month, Igloo suggests some […]

Igloo Ice Blast – July 2020

The new tenancy year begins and we should firstly welcome all of our new tenants for the 2020-2021 year! The lockdown measures continue to change, and slowly we are seeing the reopening of Sheffield pubs, restaurants, and more. This month, we bring you a brand new edition of our ‘Igloo suggests‘ series… Igloo suggests… 5 […]