Igloo Ice Blast – September 2020 Edition

The return to university life approaches fast, as September swiftly kicks into motion, so it’s about now that you’ll be stocking up on the essentials that will get you through the year. From stationary to crockery, bedding to toiletries, shops are filled up with student necessities and it’s purchasing time. This month, Igloo suggests some of the best places to buy student items for the year ahead.

Igloo suggests: Shops for Student Essentials


As far as home furnishing goes, Dunelm are top of the pile. Equipped with an abundance of bedding options, cushions, and low-priced kitchenware, it is certainly worth visiting whilst student sales roll in. Plenty of reduced gems crop up in-store, so a trip to Dunelm could be well justified.

The Range

Whether you’re looking to buy for indoor or outdoor, The Range can fill the void. Supplying a variety of leisure and garden items in a designated outdoor section, the diversity in the selection tells you exactly why this place is called The Range. Home and furniture items come in bulk too, so it’s guaranteed to be worth a visit.


If B&M stood for Bargains & Miscellanea then you certainly wouldn’t question it, right? Often full of things you never knew you needed, the home of random items is actually packed with plenty of useful potential purchases. Low priced bargains come aplenty at B&M, a fine student essentials shop.


When it comes to kitchen and home, supermarkets thrive. Microwaves, kettles, and various toasters are available for largely reasonable prices for basic models, alongside an array of crockery options that should stand the test of time. If you haven’t dived into your local supermarket, maybe it’s worthwhile doing so.


IKEA, Next, Matalan, and Argos are likely to be absolutely packed with students in the coming weeks, so steer clear and head into our suggested stores to see what low price options are available. We guarantee you’ll find something special in each, ready to move into your student house or flat for the coming year!

The 2020/21 academic year is just around the corner, so you don’t want this on your mind. House shopping is easy when you know where to go, and what to look for. Pop a little list together, and go and see what gems you can procure. Hopefully, our latest Igloo suggests has given you a nudge in the right direction!