Igloo Ice Blast – January 2020

As the new year rolls in, and students return to Sheffield, here at Igloo Accommodation we want to provide more than your housing, by giving you a new monthly round up of some of the best places to visit, hidden student hotspots, and tricks to save money on your nights out! We’ve also provided a round up of some of Sheffield’s biggest and best club nights and events, so make sure you check that out at the bottom. This month we look at the heart of the student district: Eccy Road.

Sheffield Spotlight – Ecclesall Road

Like many great cities, Sheffield’s appeal is more than just the city centre. With the Peak District and Meadowhall a little further from town, those looking for something to do often flock towards a more local hotspot. Ecclesall Road is packed with everything from local businesses to worldwide chains, with plenty of places to shop, eat, and drink. Whether you’re out with a friend or partner, or heading down with a big group, ‘Eccy Road’ certainly does the job.

Cocktails, cocktails, and more cocktails

Though The Nursery Tavern is the definitive place-to-be for a cheap pint, Eccy Road has an abundance of choices for cocktail lovers that make the decision much more difficult. Those who prefer their spirits have plenty of options up and down the road, with many deals to be picked up on. Lost & Found sits high up above the road, and leads the way in popularity. Their £5 cocktail deal on weekday evenings is enticing, and the beautiful building draws in all types of group, normally with very few empty chairs to be seen. Monk Bar sits across the road with 2-for-1 on cocktails in certain hours, and a glorious outdoor seating area both back and front. Further down towards town, Kettle Black is a hidden gem of Eccy Road. Smart attire is required but with good reason, as this slick bar serves only the finest for their many customers. Cheaper options are available, with Wetherspoons, Champs, and The Tav all boasting a solid selection. Whether you like them shaken or stirred, you can get it somewhere on Eccy Road.

Food from the world

Thai? Got it. Italian? No problem. Fast food? Yep. Vegan and veggie? That too. Food is at the heart of Eccy Road, with everything from chains like KFC and Nando’s to local restaurants like All Siam (Thai) and Prithiraj (Indian). Some go above and beyond to look the best, such as Mowgli with their fairy lights and swings drawing in all ages for their street food. Pizza Express does exactly what it says on the tin, as does Red’s True Barbecue. Amaro Lounge has a variety of tapas and brunch options, plus a full vegan and vegetarian menu. There are also known local chains, like Nonna’s and Ashoka Indian to provide that little bit of extra range to an already booming area. Whatever you fancy for dinner – or tea if you’re from the North – you can get it on Eccy Road.

Local trades and global names

An array of shops sit up and down Eccy Road, with many local brands situated between big names. Technology, furniture, and clothing head up the majority of the shops, but between those are some great buys. Independent coffee shops are a perfect place to meet and socialise, with Coffika being one of the most popular. However, you can also visit the more globally known Starbucks and Costa, with both on the road. Numerous shops can assist you with your attire, and there are plenty of charity shops to reign in those big deals. There are also some cracking gift places, such as mookau and Design Studio. Don’t forget those hairdressers – Eccy Road has plenty of them – and if you’re a student you can often get a much cheaper deal, so remember your card!

Ecclesall Road is a thriving part of the Sheffield culture that is so strong in the modern day. Don’t miss out on a great day on Eccy Road – not to mention The Botanical Gardens and Endcliffe Park that surround it – and go and see what all the fuss is about!

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