Igloo Ice Blast – November 2020

With the clocks changing, and the darker, colder times coming in quick, things might seem a little glum at the moment. Couple that with the latest lockdown measures and you would be forgiven for feeling a little de-motivated. However, one fast-approaching holiday can certainly raise those spirits: Christmas. As gift buying season nears close, here are some top tips on how to get your presents for less this year. Here at Igloo, we’ve also picked out some great places to buy gifts, so check those out too.


Christmas Gift Tips

1. Find some unique, personalised gifts on Etsy. The home of crafty presents that you won’t find anywhere else, Etsy is populated with small businesses with innovative products. From jewellery to prints, clothing to homeware, and everything between, you can find an array of homemade, personable items that will stand out from the typical gift. Though sometimes you may pay a little more – most businesses are small, and therefore costs may be higher – you are guaranteed to get a great service, and something special that you probably can’t buy elsewhere. For handmade, vintage, custom, and unique gifts, try etsy.com.

2. Download UNiDAYS and StudentBeans for discounts. Now, if you’re a student and don’t have these apps, you’re majorly missing out. These sites are full of discounts on shopping online, including major names. UNiDAYS boasts a strong clothing, technology, and health range of available price cuts. StudentBeans covers the same areas, but the two sites often have different discounts so both are worth perusing. The two apps are a gold mine for cheap deals, so make sure to look at UNiDAYS‘ and StudentBeans‘ websites.

3. Grab a cheap deal on everyone’s favourite health and beauty store: BootsNow, typically Boots can be a little on the expensive side, but their festive features and ‘Star Gifts’ come at a cheaper price. Reductions of 10’s of pounds of certain items mean massive discounts on top brands, including Paco Rabanne, Fenty, Hugo Boss, and more. Alongside these come a string of pre-Black Friday deals, the date of which is 27th November. Head to the Boots website to get stuck into these bargains (well, relative bargains compared to full price) and take advantage.

NB: With Black Friday fast approaching, a lot of retail stores will have Black Friday deals in the coming weeks, so keep a keen eye out for those.


Starting to look at your accommodation for 2021-22?

Here at Igloo, we are still working to bring a great range of student properties for you to reside in during the next academic year. If you haven’t already, head over to our ‘Properties‘ page and use the custom filters to chose the property that best suits you. There are plenty of options from one bedroom upwards, so whatever you need, head over to the Igloo ‘Properties’ page and get searching!