Igloo Ice Blast – December [2020 Year Review]

It’s been some year, hasn’t it? With so many challenges faced and many more yet to come, 2020 has proven to be a unique 12 months. It certainly has been different for university students, but your resolute and laboured approach to whatever has cropped up is commendable. Despite the difficulties that had to be overcome, 2020 has still provided us with plenty of great things to do, see, and experience. It’s time to look back at our Igloo Ice Blast year, and recap what 2020 had to offer us.

Igloo Ice Blast 2020 Review

January – Ecclesall Road

Sheffield’s social epicentre is often traced back to Eccy Road. Packed with bars, buys, and bites to eat, the renowned road is everything we love about this student-populated region of the city. Thriving with culture and energy, Eccy Road was a great way to kick off 2020.

February – Kelham Island

No place embodies Sheffield heritage like Kelham Island. Bursting with history, this downtown district is packed with locations for all occasions. From food and drink, to social spaces, and not forgetting the Kelham Island Museum, this spot is a must-see for any Sheffield resident.

March – The Moor

Want to stay away from the busy crowds of Meadowhall? The Moor has you covered! Packing entertainment, shops, one of the UK’s finest indoor markets, and plenty of dining options, this is right at Sheffield’s core. Running up the centre of the city, you can’t go far wrong with The Moor.

May – Lockdown 2020

April’s lockdown put Ice Blast temporarily on hold. However, in May we listed a few things to pass the time in lockdown. Including the now-infamous Zoom quiz, our list is probably still relevant now under the new tier system, so if you’re a tad bored check it out. It might just give you some inspiration.

June – Walking Season

With all of the amazing weather in the early summer, walking was the hot topic. Surrounded by hills and greenery, Sheffield is the prime location for a good walk. This list covers all distances and difficulties, with some inner city and some outer city options.

July – Beer Gardens

It’s safe to say that beer gardens are a beloved part of Sheffield. This latest list covers 5 of the best (not exclusively) across all areas of the city and beyond. Though it’s unlikely that beer gardens will be hosting many people in the coming months, this list is certainly worth bookmarking.

August – Student Meals

Sick of those microwaved ready meals? Oh, come on! Surely you must be by now?! Well, August brought a couple of student meals that don’t break the bank or your patience. Simple, cheap, and delicious, these two meals can be adapted to suit everyone.

September – Shops for Students

The new student year rolled in, and it was shopping time again! Even if you have everything you need, it doesn’t hurt to look, right? A few favourites to bookmark for next September, this list was an easy guide for those who don’t know where to look. Hopefully you do now.

October – Indoor Attractions

The rapid drop in temperature meant that outdoor days were coming to an end. Sheffield is full of great indoor spaces, however, that can entertain you for hours. This list highlights some low-cost, high-value options for a rainy day, or simply for something to door without getting frostbite!

November – Christmas Gift Tips

It’s that time of year again isn’t it. Christmas shopping is never easy, but a few discounts and cheap tricks makes it that little bit simpler. Our November Ice Blast was exactly that, giving you three gift tips to find something unique, cheap, and top quality.

…and finally December – Christmas Time

We look back to December 2019’s Ice Blast which highlights the Sheffield Christmas Markets. This year sees the markets cancelled for obvious reasons, but hope for a better 2021 makes the sacrifice worthwhile. As 2020 comes to an end, we want to wish you all a safe and fun Christmas and New Year break, and we look forward to seeing you in January.

Merry Christmas everyone!