Igloo Ice Blast – October 2020

The academic year rolls into motion as we enter October. The nights are getting darker, the days are getting shorter, and the temperature is certainly dropping. Now is the time for all things indoors, and here at Igloo we know a few things about making indoors great. Each month we bring a new ‘Igloo suggests’ list, which contains a few things we think you ought to know about in relation to a certain topic. For October’s cool breeze, Igloo suggests… Sheffield’s best indoor attractions.

Igloo suggests… Sheffield’s best indoor attractions

It goes without saying that pretty much wherever you go a mask is required. It’ll probably be a wise idea to take one, so here is your little reminder. Now, lets get to it.

  • Weston Park Museum  |  Cost: Free (donations welcome)  |  Location: S10 2TP

Weston Park Museum is an incredible place for a number of reasons. It sits in the small-yet-beautiful park that shares its name, where you can walk around the ponds, sit with friends, or even play tennis. However, when the winter months come in, it’s all about the museum. At no cost to enter, Weston Park Museum is well worth visiting for its permanent Ancient Egypt and What On Earth! exhibitions, whilst they currently also have a limited time Sheffield Stories exhibit. Plenty to see, plenty to experience, and certainly plenty to enjoy, Weston Park Museum has to be on this indoor list.

  • Sheffield Winter Gardens  | Cost: Free | Location: S1 4PF

One of the UK’s largest glasshouses, and the largest urban glasshouse in Europe, the Winter Gardens sits next to the Peace Gardens in the heart of Sheffield. Open year round (except from Christmas Day), the Winter Gardens is home to over 2,500 plants, creating a sea of green. Opened in 2003, the gardens famously have hosted the BBC coverage of the World Snooker Championships, and with great reason. A stunning backdrop for anyone to experience, the Winter Gardens are a delightful short walk that you can enjoy across all the seasons.

  • Millennium Galleries  |  Cost: Free (donations welcome)  |  Location: S1 4PF

Sitting alongside the Sheffield Winter Gardens, the Millennium Galleries are home to an array of exhibitions that both intrigue and interest any attendee. Containing both historical exhibits and modern pieces, the galleries are a great location to take a walk around and learn more about the city of Sheffield, and beyond. Exhibitions change regularly so you can visit more than once to see a variety on show. Following a walk around the winter gardens is the perfect opportunity to see the Millennium Galleries and all that they contain. Oh, and it’s free to enter!

  • Kelham Island Museum  |  Cost: £7 for adults  |  Location: S3 8RY

Located in one of Sheffield’s oldest industrial districts, the Kelham Island Museum stands on a man-made island over 900 years old. Embodying the culture and history of Sheffield, the museum tells of the city’s industrial heritage. Combining workshops, galleries, and even a shop, the museum is a great place to gain some knowledge on Sheffield’s steelmaking roots. The museum is at the core of Kelham Island’s indoor attractions, but for more information about what the whole area has to offer, read our full review of the Kelham district right here.

Now, it goes without saying that a trip to Meadowhall, the cinema, Lane 7, or even IKEA is a good idea in bad weather. However, there is so much more to see in Sheffield, and exploring the city’s history and culture is always an enjoyable experience!

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